New Update: The Clark & Sons Pub is Almost Ready to Open!

Welcome to the future home of the Clark & Sons Pub! In just a little bit, this website will be the home of the greatest little bar in the world. In the future, you’ll be able to find our full contact information, location, menu and tap list. All of us here at Clark & Sons really look forward to meeting the great people of our new city, and serving the best, coldest beer they’ll ever find!

Right now, this website is just here to cover our ongoing construction all the way to our opening. If you’ve been following the stories on the local news about our site, you probably know that things haven’t gone as smoothly as we hoped. I want to thank everyone who showed up to support us for their work. I know that biker gang won’t be back anytime soon, but if they are, we’ll be ready for them. Construction is back on, and we’re expecting everything to go smoothly.

Latest Update: Doors are Installed!

The giant doors are on the place now, which means we’re not being held up by anything except the interior renovations. As some of you may already have been aware, we were looking for custom options for the front entrance and the receiving gate in the back where we’ll be unloading the newest beers we get.

It took a longer time than I had hoped to find a company that would be able to handle the order. What we wanted was larger than most independent carpenters were willing to handle, especially with the ornamentation that we wanted for it. We were able to find a great little garage door installation company in Vancouver that was ready and willing to take the order.

They were able to manage the exact dimensions that we needed, and because it was closer to the size they already worked with, they were able to produce it a lot faster. The doors were done before we were finished getting the entryway in place, so they hung around on a dolly for a few days before they came in to do the installation of the security gate.

It was necessary to have all the carvings that we wanted done separately, but the guy we got for that did an amazing job. I haven’t posted any pictures since I want it to be a surprise when we open the place.